Tattoo Tribal (Japan)

Featuring Sulu'ape Steve Looney and Paulo Manabe at The Bay Area Tattoo Convention 2011.
By Gary C.W. Chun | Starbulletin | October 1, 2001
By Smart Imagination

Tattoo Stories by Smart Imagination is the premier book in a series dedicated to a five-year documentary on the stories behind tattoos while progressively raising funds for children in need through the Starlight Children's Foundation.

The art of tattoos has intrigued many people in various cultures around the world. Tattoo Stories will not only address taboos plaguing the art form, but will draw readers in for an intimate look at journeys, experiences and cultures, through spoken word paired with stunning photography by Marvin Malzahn.

A beautiful luxurious anthology of 80 U.S. go-getter artists welling up in a tattoo boom. This book is the one of the eternal standing matters. Tattoo art is ultimate art to shake instinct hidden in a human being. And this is the art expression that "only a genuine engraver" has! Book is softcover, well bound, appx. 8.5" x 11" and 256 pages!!